Membership of the Controlled Release Society Indian Chapter (CRS IC), one of 15 worldwide Chapters of the Controlled Release Society, USA is your door to the exciting world of drug delivery science, and allows you the opportunity to engage with scientists, technocrats and students actively involved in the development/promotion of controlled and novel drug delivery technology and dosage forms.

Being a part of CRS-IC community will offer you to the following benefits:
  • Opportunity to network and collaborate with nationally and internationally renowned professionals, academics and technocrats at our national and international symposia
  • Opportunities to learn about the latest advances in drug delivery science in pharmaceutical and allied industries
  • Access to the annual CRS-IC Newsletter
  • Discounts for attending the annual symposia and workshops
  • Student awards for poster presentations at national events and travel grants to the annual CRS Conference
  • Opportunity to volunteer for CRS-IC activities that can hone your leadership qualities and teamwork skills. Volunteering for CRS-IC can help you influence its future and yours!
Become a member today and participate in the rapidly evolving Science of Novel Drug Delivery System!

Industry Memberships

For Industry Professionals

Academic* Memberships

Individuals holding full time academic positions

Student** Memberships

For Students only

*Individuals holding full-time academic positions will be considered. Demand draft/ Cheque/ Online Transaction Receipt of membership fees should be accompanied by an appropriate letter of certification from the head of the institution

** Students must send an appropriate letter of certification from the head of their institute or guide along with the demand draft of membership fees